Re: [gnome-db] BDB

Not for now. But you can implement a class for it. May Vivien can help
you there.

Vala API for GDA has more and more improvements to work on, checkout
them from master.

Work on Vala extensions is on the go!

I'm implementing Vala Gee interfaces to make your problem solved as

table.set (Key,Row)

where Key must be a Set of IDs to identify a row in a given table and
set its values from Row or add a new one if it not found.

I plan to use GDA infrastructure to use any Provider supported by GDA
and call INSERT/UPDATE commands. Stay tuned!

2012/1/4 Denis Kuzmenok <forward_ua ukr net>:
> Hi.
> It it possible to work with BDB as a hash (key-value) storage using GDA?
> I see methods inserting values in specified row id, but don't see examples
> using key/value in gda. Is it possible?
> (Particularly in Vala).
> Thanks.
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