Re: [gnome-db] possible bug when deleting a row after selecting a blob

On 3 February 2012 10:27, Timo Kluck <tkluck infty nl> wrote:
Dear Gnome-DB developers,

I may have stumbled upon a bug in the SQLite engine having to do with
deleting rows after having selected fields containing BLOB values.

It appears that libgda-4.0 does not delete rows if a blob has been
selected previously. In fact, it will seem to have been deleted to the
program itself, but in subsequent runs of the program, the row turns
out to have persisted.

When a blob is selected, then a transaction is started (most of the database engines do or require this, see, and maybe your subsequent modifications are done within the transaction, which is not committed. Can you check?

I have attached a testcase. It is in vala, but there's a shebang so
you should be able to execute it like a script.

If you still have the bug after having checked for the transaction issue, tell me and I'll investigate using your testcase.



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