Re: [gnome-db] libgda-ui read-write

On 1 February 2012 23:04, Kirill Scherba <kiriushka gmail com> wrote:

 Hi Vivien,

I have wrote the db connection string inside your text below.

I have one more question about "libgda-ui read-write form": How to display Check Buttons in the form?

This is normally done automatically if the detected column is a boolean. If it's not automatically detected, then you can force it when you execute the query as the col_types argument to gda_connection_statement_execute_select_full() .

My project has described in my Redmine Project Management, and the code are placed in SVN Server. I use Anjuta to compile it. May I add you to the project? Then you can see the code and can commit your changes to the SVN. 

Yes, that'd be great so I can see where the problem is and correct it.



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