[gnome-db] libgda-ui read-write


I have try to use libgda-ui read-write form.
I have an error in function 'gda_data_select_compute_modification_statements': Can't get the prepared statement's actual statement. My SQL table is simple and my code is simmilar to the  gdaui-demo-5.0 sample.
What's wrong?

I have looked to the gda_data_select_set_modification_statement () and can't understand how to write SQL request for mod_stmt parameter - what format etc...   ??

To study it I have used libgda documentation at the http://developer.gnome.org/libgda/5.0/, and examples from the libgda-5.0.2 sources pacage. Is there any other documentation and some examples about my questions??


Best regards,
Kirill Scherba.

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