[gnome-db] Question about the Advanced GdaDataSelect usage


I've added code from the "Advanced GdaDataSelect usage" example "Automatic re-run of the SELECT statement" to my application and it doesn't work properly. I have an error message When I execute the next  
gda_set_set_holder_value (params, NULL, "theid", 4); 
in my code, and the data doesn't changed. 
The message is: WARNING **: Could not re-run SELECT statement: Can't get the prepared statement's actual statement

When I try the next sample in the "Advanced GdaDataSelect usage" - Invalid parameters I have other message and code doesn't execute properly too. The message is: Could not execute the SQL command: Parameter 'theid' is invalid

What's wrong? What's the secret is in the "Advanced GdaDataSelect usage"?

Best regards,
Kirill Scherba.

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