Re: [gnome-db] loading sqlite extensions with gda?

On 22 October 2011 19:45, Leibowitz, Michael <michael leibowitz intel com> wrote:

I'm trying to use the spatialite plugin to sqlite3 through gda (gdamm,
actually), without much luck.  I'm trying to load the plugin as

     "SELECT load_extension('')");

I don't get an error with that (it doesn't throw, at least), but the
next line throws:
  _connection->statement_execute_select("SELECT InitSpatialMetadata()");
I get a "no such function" message in the error.

Is it possible to load extensions into sqlite3 this way?  Is there
another way?  Am I doing something obviously wrong?  Why don't I get
an error from the SELECT load_extension?


I had never had to load extensions, so I had never tested it. However it should work...

I have added a new option to pass when opening an SQLite connection ("EXTENSIONS=TRUE") to enable extensions loading (as a security measure as mentionned on SQLite's web site).

This is now corrected in Git master branch (see and will be part of the 4.2.10 and 5.0 versions.

See the standalone example attached I used to make the test (using an example extension).


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