[gnome-db] loading sqlite extensions with gda?


I'm trying to use the spatialite plugin to sqlite3 through gda (gdamm,
actually), without much luck.  I'm trying to load the plugin as

      "SELECT load_extension('libspatialite.so.2')");

I don't get an error with that (it doesn't throw, at least), but the
next line throws:
   _connection->statement_execute_select("SELECT InitSpatialMetadata()");
I get a "no such function" message in the error.

Is it possible to load extensions into sqlite3 this way?  Is there
another way?  Am I doing something obviously wrong?  Why don't I get
an error from the SELECT load_extension?

Version info (ubuntu 11.04 packaged versions):
$ pkg-config --modversion libgdamm-4.0
$ pkg-config --modversion sqlite3


Michael Leibowitz

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