[gnome-db] libtool error compiling under windows

i'm compiling libgda branch 4.2 under windows, with mingw/msys

i upgrade gcc/g++ to 4.5.2 (and accordingly binutils and libtool)

after this upgrade i got the following error (but i don't know if it is the cause, because i could compile other libraries/software)

libtool: link: unsupported hardcode properties
libtool: link: See the libtool documentation for more information.
libtool: link: Fatal configuration error.

when it try to link libgda-postgres.la

what could be the problem?

i just tried to make maintainer-clean

another problem that i saw from some version ago to now, is that autogen doesn't create config.rpath; until now is enough to create it with touch

PS: have you see the patch that i send 2011-03-06 to mdbtools?

thanks a lot in advance

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