Re: [gnome-db] Branch 5.x series?

On 22 December 2011 21:27, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:

I've finished two examples:

* samples/vala/SampleDataObject: This shows how to create a
GdaData.Object derived class and how to use its methods for get,
update and save values. The next step will be a why to add new objects
to the database.

* samples/vala/SampleDataModelIterable: This shows how to use Gee
Collection capabilities to iterate, chop, filter and stream all GValue
in a datamodel. The next step is to create a Per-Row iteration.

Good! Can you also writ a small README in the samples/vala directory to explain that, along with how to run the examples and what to expect?

I'll send two different e-mail to talk about new some problems and
features I've want to see on vala extensions:

a) A problem with GdaDataModel interface implementation and how to
implement it on Vala code

b) A new paradigm for GDA: DataBase as Gee Collection of Collections

Ok, I'll check them.


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