Re: [gnome-db] Branch 5.x series?

On 13 December 2011 18:22, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:
I'm continue in development of Vala extensions on libgda-vala branch,
I can't tell that is API stable, then I don't merge soon.

But what about to branch 5.0 development and make master point to 6.0
unstable. May we can make API/ABI changes like the ones on GdaNumeric,
I would like to do the same for most GDA structs (GdaBlob and others)
to add API to access its members.

I've just created the LIBGDA_5.0 branch for the next 5.0.x releases, and now the master branch will be used for the 5.2 release later on, so you'll have to merge your branch into master without any perturbation to the 5.0.x versions.

Even I figure out how to make GdaDataModel a Gee Collection like or
even add LINQ[1] features to Vala using Gee interfaces and GDA as

I'm afraid you'll have to illustrate with an example so I can understand fully what you did.

Thanks for all,


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