Re: [gnome-db] New gda_parse_string convenient function

On 10 June 2010 07:39, Alexey Zakhlestin <indeyets gmail com> wrote:
> On 10.06.2010, at 5:21, Daniel Espinosa wrote:
>> Please find attached a new gda_parse_string convenient function. I'm using in some code and I think any buddy needs to parse a SQL command string and get its parameters all the time, this function helps on it.
> sorry for nitpicking, but looks like patch also has some unrelated changes in doc/C/tmpl/*?
> those, probably, should go as a separate patch

The patch has been slightly modified and comitted, thanks.

However Alexey is right, I'd appreciate if you limited the patch to
the actual code (that is clean the modified parts which are not
related to the patch, such as in doc/C/tmpl/).



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