[gnome-db] Gnome 3 and libgda

I've saw some patches to allow libgda-ui to work with GSEAL_ENEABLE, but I'm not sure about GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, hope to see it confirmed or started.

For libgda-ui I found on planet.gnome.org we need to install modules for GTK+ 2.x and for GTK+3. i not sure if libgda-ui is a module or not. But because 4.2 will be compatible with 4.0 series with libgda-ui additions, I don't know if we must not allow to create Apps using GKT+ 2.x but just GKT+3.0?

Documentation are using Mallard (projectmallard.org), I think we need to adapt our current documentation to it, or not?

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