Re: [gnome-db] Include Gir file with constant "[;31;1m"

On 25 February 2010 19:03, Piotr Pokora <piotrek pokora gmail com> wrote:
> Daniel Espinosa pisze:
>> Are there any important reason for this? Because 4.2 will be released
>> shorty (I think).
> I am doing my best to have Libgda 4.0.7 included in upcoming Ubuntu
> Lucid (which is Long Term Supported release).
> To make this happen I requested Libgda updates in Debian unstable (which
>  migrated to testing release already). If GIR support could be ported to
> 4.0 branch and 4.0.8 could be released in reasonable short time, there
> is a chance many people could be happy with stable and easy available
> Libgda for long time.

GIR support has been added to the LIBGDA_4.0 branch, but I haven't
tested it at all (though it's the same as for the master branch and it
works fine), so some minimal testing should be done here.

I can make a 4.0.8 anythime you want. Tell me.



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