Re: [gnome-db] A little help with MinGW


> 1)  pexports  libmysql.dll >mydef.def
> 2) dlltool --input-def mydef.def --dllname libmySQL.dll --output-lib
> libmysqlclient.a  -K
As far as I know this is the correct way. As MySQL is open source there
should be some official def file available (gcc should create one). You
can probably ask the MySQL devs if they could include it in there
distribution. It's possible though that the use the MS oder Intel
compiler for the binaries.

Just for those not too much into MinGW development: The .a file is
needed to tell ld/gcc what it should link to. Normally these files are
called .dll.a to underline that they refer to a dll file. The dll will
be linked in dynamically at runtime of course. The .dll.a file contains
the symbols of the dll that are normally stripped and as such you need
the .def file to restore them. libmysql.dll doesn't seem to be stripped
and pexports can detect the symbols.


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