Re: [gnome-db] Libgda4.0.6 warnings and segfault

> > In the specific case of MySQL, if it has been compiled with the
> > --enable-thread-safe-client option, then the API should be thread safe
> > and the resulting GdaConnection object (without the
> > GDA_CONNECTION_OPTIONS_THREAD_SAFE option) should also be thread safe.
> > So the problem seems to be a bug in Libgda where a lock is acquired
> > and not released.
> I guess that MySQL should be compiled with that option, but I'll compile a
> new one to be sure (we're using tyhe MySQL 5.1 debian package from

Well, I've compiled MySQL with the --enable-thread-safe-client but it still 
fails. Also, this message appears in my /var/log/messages:

Feb  5 07:53:11 opensourcesim ossim-server[7987]: MySQL was not compiled with 
the --enable-thread-safe-client flag, only one thread can access the provider

But something should be wrong somewhere, because the binaries has been 
compiled with that flag. To re-check if I was wrong, I took the default mysql 
binaries (wich has that option), but the message still appears.

I started to think that something regarding the gda multithread detection 
could be involved. So I modified the providers/mysql/gda-mysql-provider.c 
file to force the thread use:

  if (!mysql_thread_safe ()) {
//    provider_class->limiting_thread = g_thread_self ();
    provider_class->limiting_thread = NULL;
    provider_class->limiting_thread = NULL;

But as you can imagine, I wasn't lucky, the mysql queries fails, and with the 
insertions I get a new error: "MySQL server has gone away" messages (strange, 
because I tested the connection with gda_connection_is_opened() before the 
insertion and it's still alive)

Well, it seems that I'll wait until release 4.2 before continue testing. We're 
going to come back to libgda2.3, because we're going to release a new 
software version very soon and I can't continue the migration. I'll continue 
with the migration and the tests in two weeks or so.

Bets regards,

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