Re: [gnome-db] Libgda4.0.6 warnings and segfault

> > This is what we use now:
> >
> > db->_priv->conn = gda_connection_open_from_string (db->_priv->provider,
> > db->_priv->dsn, db->_priv->db_auth, GDA_CONNECTION_OPTIONS_DONT_SHARE,
> > NULL);
> This option is not available in version >= 4.0, I guess you meant

Sorry, you're right, I copy+paste from my gda3 source instead of gda4, the 
option we was using was GDA_CONNECTION_OPTIONS_NONE.

> In the specific case of MySQL, if it has been compiled with the
> --enable-thread-safe-client option, then the API should be thread safe
> and the resulting GdaConnection object (without the
> GDA_CONNECTION_OPTIONS_THREAD_SAFE option) should also be thread safe.
> So the problem seems to be a bug in Libgda where a lock is acquired
> and not released.

I guess that MySQL should be compiled with that option, but I'll compile a new 
one to be sure (we're using tyhe MySQL 5.1 debian package from 

> If, as I understand, it is difficult to create a small program which
> illustrated the problem, then you can try to add some printf lines to
> the gda-mutex.c file (the GdaMutex is a mutex which can be locked

Ok, I'll take a look at it. 

> > In the meantime, do you know if there are some way to circunvent this
> > problem without using the very latest code? Would you suggest to use
> > development version in a production environment?
> The short answer is: no. However from what I understand, you are
> currently in the process of migrating from version 3 to 4, which means
> that by the time your migration is complete the 4.2 version will
> hopefully have become the new stable version, so it might not be a bad
> idea if you wanted to start with the current unstable version now.

I'll follow your debugging suggestions and let's see what happen. May be that 
we have to delay the migration to 4 and keep the 2.3 code (we was using the 
old gda2.3, wich was the gda version that worked fine for us since years, 
then we tried to change to 3, I had some problems, and then we tried to 
change to 4). 

As always, thanks for your help, if I find that it is a libgda bug I'll let 
you know.


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