Re: [gnome-db] Data Sources in libgda 4.0.

>         > Because as I said the components are very much
>         inter-dependant
>         Could you give me some example, please. It seems wise to know
>         for sure.
> Some quick examples:
> * as Libgda has some objects which export attributes directly rather
> than using accessor methods, any change in Libgda has an impact on the
> UI side which use them
> * The UI part can benefit from the binary relocation code of Libgda
> without having to have its own 
> * Having a control center (to manage DSN, much like ODBC's one) is a
> necessity, but this is a GUI program which shares some code with the
> UI part, so separating them would result in code duplication
> Anyway, the UI part in Libgda (as it's now in the master branch) is
> still optionnal (activated if GTK+ is found), so Libgda can still be
> compiled without any UI part at all.

This sounds like a dependency, not an inter-dependency, and I see no
reason not to be modular like the rest of GNOME.

If you won't change your mind, please state clearly in all
announcements, READMEs, etc, that the UI part should be packaged
separately by distros. That might reduce some of the inevitable
packaging problems.

murrayc murrayc com

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