[gnome-db] Libgda V3.99.4 on win32 using MinGW/MSYS

I just tried to compile the new new libgda v3.99.4 on Windows using MinGW/MSYS.
However I got stuck in the tools directory. Here's the error:
   gda-sql-res.rc -o gda-sql-res.o
   ./gda-sql-res.rc: AppIcon: command not found
   make: *** [gda-sql-res.o] Error 127
I see the following problems:
- in tools/Makefile there is a line:
 which should probably be:
   WINDRES = windres
- the file tools/gda-sql-res.rc contains only one line:
   AppIcon ICON "gda-sql.ico"
it refers to Windows icon file gda-sql.ico which is not included in the tarball. - when commenting out all the windows resource stuff there were some undefined references that were fixed by setting
   LDFLAGS = -lreadline -lcurses
 in tools/Makefile
Apart from that I got it all compiled just fine. However I have only tried with these providers:
   Brecht Sanders

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