Re: [gnome-db] [PATCH] Fix some memory leaks

Murray Cumming wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 13:20 -0400, Phil Longstaff wrote:
>> The attached patch fixes some memory leaks.  In certain cases, the
>> string returned from g_object_get() or xmlNodeGetContent() was not freed.
> Thanks. Is this change meant to be in this patch? It seems unrelated.

Yes, this is unrelated.  It is a previous patch that I sent in which was
accidentally included.

> In general, it is helpful if you can create an svn patch, also patching
> the ChangeLog. And patches are less likely to be forgotten if they are
> attached to a bugzilla bug.

I am writing a libgda backend for gnucash.  I am trying to use
pre-packaged versions of libgda, so in this case, I downloaded the 3.0.2
 tarball and built it.  Perhaps using the 3.x svn branch would be
better.  Since this is an external dependency, I want it to be as
controlled as possible in my environment.

> You might want to try creating a similar patch for svn trunk too.

Can't you apply this to the 3.x branch and then merge the change into
svn trunk?

BTW, once I found a problem with g_object_set() and xmlNodeGetContent(),
I grepped all of the source in libgda and checked their usage.  I didn't
look in any subdirs and did not look in any providers.

Do you have a test program that you can run with valgrind to look for
memory leaks as part of your release process?

Oh, one other thing.  There was another thing.
gda_server_provider_create_operation() begins with:

  OpReq **op_req_table = NULL;

  if (! op_req_table) {
    op_req_table = g_new0 (OpReq *, GDA_SERVER_OPERATION_NB);

    op_req_table [GDA_SERVER_OPERATION_CREATE_DB] = op_req_CREATE_DB;
    op_req_table [GDA_SERVER_OPERATION_DROP_DB] = op_req_DROP_DB;



  g_return_val_if_fail (GDA_IS_SERVER_PROVIDER (provider), NULL);

This will always leak.  I assume that what is needed is to make
op_req_table static, but I did not include this in the patch and did not
scan for other instances of this kind of problem.  In this case, it
won't leak once per call.


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