Re: [gnome-db] ITER_MODEL_ONLY with libgda-4.0?

2008/12/14 Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
With libgda-3.0, to get an iterateable GdaDataModel (so not all data is
immediately retrieved from the database server), we had to set a
ITER_MODEL_ONLY parameter to TRUE when executing the SQL command.

Is that still necessary with libgda-4.0? I can't seem to find
"ITER_MODEL_ONLY" anywhere in the source code. Is it replaced by
something else?

You need to use  gda_connection_statement_execute_select_full() and pass GDA_STATEMENT_MODEL_CURSOR (or others) as the 4th argument.

The default, or if you use gda_connection_statement_execute_select(), then the returned data model will be random access based.


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