Re: [gnome-db] libgda cursor support

> > meaning it could not set the iter at the requested row, which is why
> > it always returns the same value. The reason it returns FALSE is that
> > it's not implemented (specifically the i_iter_at_row virtual method is
> > not implemented). Of course it an iterator can move forward and
> > backward, there could be a default implementation to move it to a
> > desired row...
> I guess this should be implemented with FETCH ABSOLUTE.
> Does that seem appropriate?

This could be implemented like that in the GdaPostgresCursorRecordset, yes.

Otherwise for a more general approach (that is in
gda_data_model_move_iter_at_row() which is called if no specific
implementation exists)  we just need to call
gda_data_model_iter_move_{prev,next} as many times as requested (and
in the case of the postgres cursor recordset there might even be no
performance penalty at all because it fetches chunks of rows ar once).


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