Re: [gnome-db] Circular dependency between libgda-3 and libgda_handlers-3

On 3/12/07, Gustavo R. Montesino <grmontesino gmail com> wrote:

Due to a circular dependency between libgda-3 and libgda_handlers, it
isn't possible to build libgda (2.99.5) with strict symbol checking (ie,
LDFLAGS=-Wl,-z,defs). Also, libgda-3 isn't getting and NEEDED entry on
libgda_handlers-3, which may result in a segfault on other software if
they aren't linked through pkgconfig (pkgconfig-linked software is safe,
as both libs are included through -l).

I see two main ways to fix that:

1) Merge libgda_handlers into libgda-3. As currently it's impossible to
link against one of them without linking against the other, I don't
think there's any good reason to keep them as separate libraries, but I
may be missing something here.

I would really prefer that solution because as you noticed, you can't
use one lib without the other. The reason why there are currently two
libraries is because I did not want to mix the files in the same dir,
and because I don't know how to make a single lib from sources in two
different dirs with the auto tools. I'd be glad if you could propose a



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