[gnome-db] libgda performance issues


Recently I compared similiar libraries. One is compiled against MySQL
libraries, and another one is compiled against libgda 3.0.1. 
I used simple time command and also ran valgrind with callgrind tool.
Libgda is even 10 times slower than pure MySQL usage :(

Is this possible to disable thread support in libgda ?
( Use case here is forked Apache environment, so threads usage is useless. )

How can I make "light" SELECT queries, without involving the whole  gda library
to check column types? I mean , I know what type is used for particular column 
( through GObject&GValue  introspection ), so basically I could define how many 
columns I need to select and initialize specific GValues for them. 
Is this possible?

I can send callgrind log if someone would like to analyze it with kcachegrind.


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