[gnome-db] gdaquery

i'm trying the new libgda-3

my problem is that i didn't understand very well how gdaquery and gdaqueryfield joins together

this is the code

#include <libgda/libgda.h>

main (int argc, char **argv)
	GdaClient *client;
	GdaConnection *conn;
	GdaDict *dict;
	GdaQuery *qu;
	GdaObject *dm;
	GError *error = NULL;

	gda_init ("test", "1.0", argc, argv);

	client = gda_client_new ();

	conn = gda_client_open_connection_from_string (client, "SQLite", "DB_DIR=/media/disk/libgda3_gdaquery;DB_NAME=test.db", NULL, NULL, 0, &error);

	if (conn == NULL)
			g_fprintf (stderr, "Errore apertura connessione.\n%s\n", error->message);
			GdaQueryTarget *qutarget;
			GdaQueryField *qufield;
			GdaQueryField *quvalue;
			GValue *value;

			value = g_malloc0 (sizeof (GValue));

			error = NULL;
			dict = gda_dict_new ();
			gda_dict_set_connection (GDA_DICT (dict), conn);

			qu = gda_query_new (GDA_DICT (dict));
			if (qu == NULL)
					g_fprintf (stderr, "Errore in gda_query_new.\n");

			gda_query_set_query_type (GDA_QUERY (qu), GDA_QUERY_TYPE_UPDATE);

			qutarget = gda_query_target_new (GDA_QUERY (qu), "appo");

			qufield = gda_query_field_field_new (GDA_QUERY (qu), "ciccio");
			gda_query_field_set_visible (GDA_QUERY_FIELD (qufield), TRUE);

			quvalue = gda_query_field_value_new (GDA_QUERY (qu), G_TYPE_STRING);
			g_value_init (value, G_TYPE_STRING);
			g_value_set_string (value, "paperino");
			gda_query_field_value_set_value (GDA_QUERY_FIELD_VALUE (quvalue), value);
			gda_query_field_set_visible (GDA_QUERY_FIELD (quvalue), TRUE);

			g_object_set (qufield,
			              "target", qutarget,
			              "target-id", "appo",
			              "target-name", "appo",
			              "value-provider", quvalue,

			if (!gda_query_add_target (GDA_QUERY (qu), GDA_QUERY_TARGET (qutarget), &error))
					g_fprintf (stderr, "Errore in add_target.\n%s\n", error->message);

			error = NULL;
			dm = gda_query_execute (GDA_QUERY (qu), NULL, FALSE, &error);
			if (error != NULL)
					g_fprintf (stderr, "Errore in esecuzione query.\n%s\n", error->message);

			g_fprintf (stderr, "SQL: %s\n", gda_query_get_sql_text (GDA_QUERY (qu)));

	return 0;

when i execute it, it returns an error on gda_query_execute because the query's sql is wrong; in fact gda_query_get_sql_text returns "update appo set "

instead I thought to have created "update appo set ciccio='paperino'"

what am I mistaking?

thanks in advance

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