Re: [gnome-db] libgda and libgnomedb API documentation

2007/1/30, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>:
On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 11:32 -0600, Daniel Espinosa wrote:
> The GDA easy functions was added by me in libgda.h and gda-init.c
> files so time ago, and they already perform most of the tasks I want
> for GdaApp, just a few changes and go!, they don't have any
> documentarion other than the one in gda-init.c file, I don't know how
> to add it to the current GDA's
> Have you seen or used them?

No. Maybe the function name would help me.

You can see their declarations in libgda.h and the code in gda-init.c
files; this is their declarations as in libgda.h are:

/* Convenient Functions */

GdaConnection*      gda_open_connection        (const gchar *dsn,
						const gchar *username,
						const gchar *password,
						GdaConnectionOptions options,
						GError **error);

gboolean            gda_insert_row_into_table  (GdaConnection *cnn,
						const gchar *table_name,
						GError **error, ...);
gboolean            gda_insert_row_into_table_from_string  (GdaConnection *cnn,
						const gchar *table_name,
						GError **error, ...);
gboolean            gda_update_value_in_table  (GdaConnection *cnn,
						const gchar *table_name,
						const gchar *search_for_column,
						const GValue *condition,
						const gchar *column_name,
						const GValue *new_value, GError **error);
gboolean            gda_update_values_in_table (GdaConnection *cnn,
						const gchar *table_name,
						const gchar *condition_column_name,
						const GValue *condition,
						GError **error, ...);
gboolean            gda_delete_row_from_table (GdaConnection *cnn,
const gchar *table_name,
					       const gchar *condition_column_name, const GValue *condition,
					       GError **error);

GdaDataModel*       gda_execute_select_command (GdaConnection *cnn,
const gchar *sql,
						GError **error);
gint                gda_execute_sql_command    (GdaConnection *cnn,
const gchar *sql,
						GError **error);

gboolean            gda_create_table           (GdaConnection *cnn,
						const gchar *table_name, GError **error, ...);
gboolean            gda_drop_table             (GdaConnection *cnn,
						const gchar *table_name, GError **error);

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