Re: [gnome-db] Gnome-db libraries

On 1/22/07, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:
2007/1/22, Vivien Malerba <vmalerba gmail com>:
> Hi!
> As you'll notice in SVN, Libgnomedb now has 2 .pc files: one for the
> main library, and one for the graph library. The advantages of this
> new situation is that:
> - one can use libgnomedb without the graph library if it's not needed,
> and thus reduces the dependencies and memory consumption
> - building and istalling the graph library is optional, and done only
> is the GnomeCanvas library is found.
> The question I'm asking is if the "core" libgnomedb library should be
> split into two parts as well: one for the data bound widgets (form,
> grid, etc) and one for the "administrative" widgets such as the
> widgets to handle DSNs, or to show the contents of a dictionary. This
> would allow to further reduce memory consumption for applications
> which only require data bound widgets. What do you think?

I'm with you, split all in small parts to allow port gnome-db to any
other plataforms or widgets sets, I don't know but may other toolkits
:-) or projects like maemo could be.

Libgnomedb now is composed of 3 libraries:
* (along with 97K stripped) which
contains the "minimum" to have data bound widgets and is about 287K
(stripped) on my box
* which has the GnomeDbSelector,
GnomeDbDbmsUpdateViewer, GnomeDbReportEditor and GnomeDbGrayBar
widgets for 88K (stripped)
* which contain GnomeCanvas related widgets for
108K stripped.

As there have been many changes since the last release, I'll do
another one ASAP (3.0 seems very close now...)



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