Re: [gnome-db] libgda: Public and semi-public API?

On 1/16/07, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
The new libgda API is very large. I suspect that it's not all useful
from applications. I guess that much of the API is only useful for
implementing providers, and some might even be pure implementation.

The libgda's API could be devided into:
1) the dictionary API
2) the data model and query API
3) the connection
4) the providers API
5) misc other functions

The details about the API for each "block" is:
1) for the dictionary API: that API is mainly for internal usage: the
end user generally only needs to create a dictionary object, and set
its contents (from a file or from a sync. with the DBMS).
2) the data model and query API: it is designed to be used by end
users even if there are parts which are more difficult to understand
3) the connection API: it is quite simple and is designed to be used
by end users
4) the providers API: end users generally work with a connection and
do not access the provider object; this API is largely hidden except
for the GdaServerProvider object
5) other functions: a minor part of the total API.

Are there any plans to make this simpler or more obvious?

There is an "easy libgda" API listed at the end of the libgda.h file.

I don't have a full understanding of how the various objects work
together (documentation?) but I might try using regexxer to figure it
out, and then I might try moving some .h/.c files into a
libgda/providers/ directory.

I don't like the idea of making a major sources reorganization at this
stage, but I understand the need for a simpler API.

What about creating a complete simple API based on the current API,
and for example in a simple/ dir (stating for example with the "easy
libgda" API)?

That simple API can have the minimum to:
* open a connection
* create and drop a table
* run SQL queries and fetch data


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