[gnome-db] libgda: Take class hierarchy into account in gda_dict_declare_object?

When wrapping GdaQuery for libgdamm I noticed that every time one wants
to use a GdaQuery in C++ libgda prints an ugly warning to the screen
(and probably does not behave correctly) that is caused by the GdaDict
object declaration system (namely gda_dict_declare_object_as() ).
libgdamm subclasses GdaQuery to allow implementing default signal
handlers and stuff in C++ but this causes said function not to recognize
it as a GdaQuery anymore.

I am not sure about the semantics of that dict object declaration stuff,
this is why I am asking: Would it be possible to take parent types into
account if no GdaRegisterDictStruct for the given GType was found? I
could come up with a patch if you think that this is OK.


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