Re: [gnome-db] Fwd: gbase64 dependency?

On 9/12/06, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:

I found that in gnome-db-entry-pict.c are a directive #include "gbase64.h"
and a reference to include in the that file and a gbase64.c, but
in the lastest CVS there's not any file with it, then the compile fails.

But more, in the gnome-db-entry-pict.c exist a reference a function called
g_base64_decode and that function just exist in GLib 2.12, and I have just a
GLib 2.10 (ubuntu dapper), I thing you need to deprecate the use of that
function, use a equivalent or include with a sentences #ifdef / #endif to
ensure that that plugin doesn't compile on systems that don't have that

This is important, becouse may at the near future GDA must compile on
systems that just have a 2.10 (or even early based in LSB), that allways is
(I not sure) one or two versions before the lastest version avairable.

Sorry for the previus email.

I manually added gbase64.[ch] copied from glib 2.12 because I did not
want to set a dependency on that version now, but I forgot to add them
to CVS. I realize now that I'll also have to change the function

For now here they are attached (I've slightly modified them to remobe
further dependencies).



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Attachment: gbase64.h
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