Re: [gnome-db] constraints

On 10/18/06, Stian Skjelstad <stian nixia no> wrote:
Hello everybody

I'm fairly new for this project, but I have some questions. What is
happening with this thing


Using this feature, Libgda returns a list of constraints on a table.

I atleast can't see any foreign keys for instance in emergeant on my
mysql database.

Mergeant uses Libgda's dictionary and does not directly use
get_schema(GDA_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_CONSTRAINTS). The fect that you don't
see your foreing keys could come from:
- your dictionary is not up to date with the database, in which cas
you should sync it with the database
- you are using an old version of libgda/mergeant.
- this is a bug.

Could you tell me which versions of libgda/libgnomedb and mergeant you
are using? If you want I can make some tests if you send me at least a
part of your database structure.

I don't want to seem like I'm pushing, but I'm just wondering.

No problem, any question is welcome!



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