Re: [gnome-db] Numeric with commas...

2006/2/6, Juan Pablo <jpdborgna yahoo com ar>:
> Hi list.
> I'm trying to do an insert to a table using the contents of a spin
> button, but because my locale the decimal serparator is a comma (,)
> instead of a . and it fails. The line is like this (but getting of 12
> spins instead of 1...) :
> buffer=g_strdup_printf("INSERT INTO productos (stock) VALUES ('%.2f')",
> gtk_spin_button_get_value(GTK_SPIN_BUTTON(lookup_widget(GTK_WIDGET(button),"stock"))));
> I use postgresql and my locale settings are es_AR.

You can try to use setlocale() before and after the printf: before to
set it to "C" and after to "" to return to your current locale.

Or maybe use printf ("%d.%d", (int) value, (int) ((value - (int) value) * 100))



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