Re: [gnome-db] I'm still alive and here

Vivien Malerba wrote:

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 12:32:53 +1300, Dru <andru treshna com> wrote:
Hello everyone. I'm still alive and coding. Been roaming the world for a

At the moment I'm working on a open source payroll system
and refining bond and papyrus.  I've written a gnome frontend for
papyrus, i'm not sure if
this is useful or not for gnome-db.

Anyway I am tempted to replace bonddb with libmergeant or do a major
re-write. The two problems
i face is speed and its dependence on sql being perfect.  I need some
sort of library that
allows record navigation and saving/modifying. So you run an sql
statement, and can walk
though the results modify individual fields and then it will save the
results back to the database for you.

Libgnomedb HEAD (1.3.x relesases) does it through its GnomeDbResultSet
and GnomeDbForm/GnomeDbGrid widgets. Don't use libmergeant, it is
obsolete now.
Arr the whole world changes in my absense.  Thanks for the heads up Vivien

Andrew Hill
treshna Enterprises Ltd
Tel: 03 366 3649
Cel: 021 660 819

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