Re: [gnome-db] I'm still alive and here

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 12:32:53 +1300, Dru <andru treshna com> wrote:
> Hello everyone. I'm still alive and coding. Been roaming the world for a
> while.
> At the moment I'm working on a open source payroll system
> (
> and refining bond and papyrus.  I've written a gnome frontend for
> papyrus, i'm not sure if
> this is useful or not for gnome-db.
> Anyway I am tempted to replace bonddb with libmergeant or do a major
> re-write. The two problems
> i face is speed and its dependence on sql being perfect.  I need some
> sort of library that
> allows record navigation and saving/modifying. So you run an sql
> statement, and can walk
> though the results modify individual fields and then it will save the
> results back to the database for you.

Libgnomedb HEAD (1.3.x relesases) does it through its GnomeDbResultSet
and GnomeDbForm/GnomeDbGrid widgets. Don't use libmergeant, it is
obsolete now.

> As well as modification of the sql statements and providing information
> on the database schema.

Schema information is provided through the GnomeDbDict and related
objects in the dictionnary.

> I proberly wont do any work on this for the next month or two as have a
> long list of other
> things that need addressing first. And bonddb works, its just things i'm
> considering break for
> the next release cycle.  And i thought i touch base anyway and see where
> things are at.

You can have a look at the documentation (which I've tried to make
understandable) and at the small sample application included in the
libgnomedb sources.



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