Re: [gnome-db] create/drop index for MySQL and more ...

On Sat, 05 Feb 2005 15:02:10 +1000, Bas Driessen <bas driessen xobas com> wrote:
>  Hello,
>  create/drop index methods for MySQL implemented. In MySQL, a name can not
> be assigned to a Primary Key. Therefore I had to introduce an additional
> parameter "primary_key", where the developer/user can indicate if he/she
> wants to drop a Primary Key in those situations.
>  Added a parameter GList *index_list to create_table method, so a table and
> (multi_column) indexes can be created with just a single call.
> Alternatively, index_list can be set to NULL and the user/developer can
> create indexes one by one using the create_index method.
>  Index settings  (like set_primary_key for instance) in
> GdaDataModelColumnAttributes are still honoured, so make sure if you set
> both these settings as attaching an index_list, that values do not overlap,
> like trying to create a primary key twice, one with either method. The
> return status in those situation will be FALSE.

Great job you've done there!

>  Please review/test etc and let me know any issues.

I don't have the time right now, but I surely use the new functions in
future versions of Mergeant!

>  All the new features I added the last couple of weeks, were the main new
> features I needed/wanted at this stage for my own projects. So I am ready
> (well probably need a day or 2 for testing if all is OK now) for a first
> developer release based on HEAD. What will be the trigger for this release?
> Can we start doing monthly cycles as discussed 1 or 2 weeks ago?

I've just started to commit to libgnomedb CVS HEAD all the changes
I've been working on to merge libmergeant into libgnomedb (it took
longer than I had expected). After that I think you're right about
having a developper release. Rodrigo?

>  Also, why is the page not updated? The latest news item is
> from October last year and the latest 1.2 release is not even mentioned. No
> offense to whoever is responsible for it, but we look a bit like a "dead
> project" for new visitors.

I agree that it looks like gnome-db is a dead project from someone
visiting the web site. I think the problem is that the web site should
be generated from the contents of the CVS module, and that is not

Also the new Gnome Office web site
( looks very nice, may be there
could be a way to use it from gnome-db as well?



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