[gnome-db] Changes to libgnomedb HEAD


I have finally commited the local changes to integrate libmergeant
into libgnomedb, to the libgnomedb HEAD module.

Many changes have occured, see the documentation (which I've tried to
have up to date) either when compiling from CVS, or at
http://malerbavintner.free.fr/libgnomedb_doc (to see what the new
widgets look like, there is a "Widget Gallery" section in the

Libgnomedb now requires Gtk+ >= 2.6 (because of the GtkComboBox
widget) and it should compile with libgda HEAD only.

Keep in mind that there is still a lot of work to make it ready for
the next stable release of libgnomedb (bugs and missing features) but
it is useable at least for the examples and the test cases in

Any feedback is welcome.



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