[gnome-db] create/drop index for MySQL and more ...


create/drop index methods for MySQL implemented. In MySQL, a name can not be assigned to a Primary Key. Therefore I had to introduce an additional parameter "primary_key", where the developer/user can indicate if he/she wants to drop a Primary Key in those situations.

Added a parameter GList *index_list to create_table method, so a table and (multi_column) indexes can be created with just a single call. Alternatively, index_list can be set to NULL and the user/developer can create indexes one by one using the create_index method.

Index settings  (like set_primary_key for instance) in GdaDataModelColumnAttributes are still honoured, so make sure if you set both these settings as attaching an index_list, that values do not overlap, like trying to create a primary key twice, one with either method. The return status in those situation will be FALSE.

Please review/test etc and let me know any issues.

All the new features I added the last couple of weeks, were the main new features I needed/wanted at this stage for my own projects. So I am ready (well probably need a day or 2 for testing if all is OK now) for a first developer release based on HEAD. What will be the trigger for this release? Can we start doing monthly cycles as discussed 1 or 2 weeks ago?

Also, why is the gnome-db.org page not updated? The latest news item is from October last year and the latest 1.2 release is not even mentioned. No offense to whoever is responsible for it, but we look a bit like a "dead project" for new visitors.


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