Re: [gnome-db] Future characteristic

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 13:40:13 -0500 (CDT), Daniel Espinosa
<esodan yahoo com mx> wrote:
> Looks good.
> I want to help in the GnomeDbForm port from Mergeant,
> then when you'll have an snapshot in the CVS? Or can I
> help with the source of Mergeant?

I'd like to have a bit more feedback before actually starting the
Libgnomedb/Libmergeant merge. I'd like to start that merge before mid
november, though.

Mergeant's code is quite small (basic count is under 10000 lines) and
easy to understand (in ${topdir}/frontend). If you want to help with
Mergeant, then there are several small things you can start with:
* Query editor cases, 
* Query creation druid, 
* mergeant startup options, 
* translation strings cleanup, 
* MySQL, Oracle, etc testing (I do all the work with Postgres)
* user documentation improvements

> Do you have any help (becouse when I install the
> mergeant code I haven't the DevHelp help) to know how
> mergeant works or need?

If you have gtk-doc installed, then the documentation and the .devhelp
file should be created. Even if you don't have devhelp installed, you
can browse through the generated HTML files which should be in

If you have some problems with the doc, I can send you a tarball of
the HTML doc.

There is a small sample (and a bit outdated) example about how to use
the Libmergeant library; the corresponding source code is in
${topdir}/examples/SampleApp.tgz. Last time I checked it did compile
and execute correctly.

You could help with Libmergeant by noting the things which seem
incoherent to you, so I could correct them when doing the merge (or I
could correct the documentation). Any remark or question is welcome.

Hope this helps you getting started,


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