Re: [gnome-db] Re: papyrus merge?

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

I dont know which project to merge it with, mergeant or libgnomedb or create its own cvs tree.

I guess it would be better integrated by parts. That is, some API to get
the reports, generate them, etc, should be in libgda (replacing the
libgda-report part), then the GTK widget for vieweing/editing them
should be in libgnomedb, then, papyrus can just reuse that, or we can
include that code into mergeant.
The GTK frontend for running reports is completely seperate code
base at moment, it just makes system calls to the installed verison of papyrus.
There is a backend component and a report generation component.
Its a number of different binaries being run to generate the final
report so it doesn't really have a API as such.

The backend builds a library with an api but it would need to be
modified to write the output to a specific file instead of stdout.

The generation code often requires 3rd party binaries to generate the
desired outputs like xlst, latex etc. It would be more difficult converting
it to a library. In some ways it would be easier keeping them as standalone
binaries and making system calls to active them.  It just calls
gnome apps to view the final reports and its handled by them.
The whole code base is relatively simple and step by step in
its generation of reports.  And because of its reliance on other
3rd party binaries it makes it harder to link it as a library.

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