[gnome-db] ANNOUNCE: libgdamm 1.3.3

*** libgdamm

libgdamm provides C++ wrappers for libgda for use with gtkmm. libgda is a generic 
database API with several database provider implementations.

libgdamm is now usable, with actual working examples.

Contact us in the usual gnomemm places - see http://www.gtkmm.org. There is a libgdamm
component in bugzilla's gnomemm product.

It's in gnome's cvs in gnomemm/libgdamm.

*** Changes


* Now depends on glibmm 2.4.
* Added and used FieldAttributes.
* Connection:
  - The destructor closes the connection.
  - Added get_last_insert_id().
* DataModel: get_value_at() memory management fixed.
* Transaction: constructor fixed.
* Value:
  - Implemented the constuctors. 
  - Added type_to_string() and type_from_string().
(Murray Cumming)

*** Download 

and the mirrors.

You will need glibmm 2.4 and libgda, available from the same place.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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