[gnome-db] problem with makefile

        I am connecting postgres through libgda,
i want to replace 
        gcc -o dbconnect `pkg-config --cflags libgda`
`pkg-config --libs libgda` dbconnect.c

with an entry in Makfile.am , as i am using GLADE for
interface development,

the problem i am facing are,

    1. GLADE generate two Makefile.am i.e
	one in $HOME/project directory
	second in $HOME/project/src directory
       i am confuz with which one should i edit ?

    2. GLADE generate very strange Makefile.am ,
	as a bigner i cant understand which kind of entry 
	i should made in this files to replace above
	gcc command-line compilation. 

	As if i ignore these pkg-config it gives me file not
found errors
for libgda and xml.

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