Re: [gnome-db] Re: GRAND MASTER PLAN

I agree; thanks for the pointer, I just added them as enhancement
requests for Conglomerate to Bugzilla:

Unfortunately the Papyrus XML format seems to lack both a namespace and
a DTD, which makes it trickier to support within Conglomerate (it has to
try and guess what XML doctype it's looking at).  But it's still

should have public dtd now. (see bug report)

Report Designer.

None of have anything here (expect gnue).  Its needed. I was thinking
orginally using openoffice or abiword to design reports but i really
havn't started looking at this at any detail. Any suggestions on how we
are going to achive this? Does this sound feasible?

Either AbiWord or Conglomerate. I think Conglomerate is a good fit for
what papyrus is now. AbiWord would be quite a radical depature and the
document would be constructed "live" straight from the template. From
there we can export it to any one of your chosen file formats
(ps,pdf,latex,html) plus a whole lot more.

I agree, looks like a good fit, though ideally I'd want to make some
changes to the details of Papyrus' XML format.  It also doesn't seem to
leverage XSLT; perhaps this could be used to add output->AbiWord and
output-> etc.

Any suggestions on what part of the xml format?
No it doesnt use xslt. Mostly because the xml to xml conversion part resolves data sources and does a bit of bison parsing which i dont know how a xml convertor could handle that. its not a big task to add a output->abiword or output-> xslt covertor, but it would properly take a few days to code so i havn't worked on it before and been concentrating on other things.

Within Conglomerate we could have support for editing Papyrus XML files,
and a "Generate Report" option in the menus; these would be fairly easy
to add using a plugin (maybe a 1 hour job for someone who knows our

I don't really care about what database abstraction layer is in use etc,
I just want a sane XML format that describes how to generate the report,
ideally some kind of standardised one supported by multiple projects.

I'm not really a "database person", though so this stuff is low-priority
for me, I'm afraid.  But I'll happily accept patches :-)

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