[gnome-db] Re: GRAND MASTER PLAN

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 01:42 +1100, msevior physics unimelb edu au wrote:
> > The Politics.
> >
> > Do we all fall under gnomes ? We have to at some point stop focusing on
> > these low level tools and start making some real applications. And know
> > where to share code where we can.  Maybe have a common organisational
> > group we can all belong to with links to our sites with, like gnome
> > office and list what we each work on? so we know what each other is up
> > to and have a common banner to achieve our vison.  I would in a way like
> > one day to have a website we we list a whole lot of database
> > applications for gnome.
> >
> I agree on the need to focus on complex application. It has been hard in
> general to attract hackers to complex projects. Given that the group doing
> Gnome-Office has self-selected into working on complex-apps, I think it is
>  best to put database apps under the the Gnome_office banner.
this sounds great to me.

>  We can cross
> fertilize and use our GUI apps in ways not usually thought of.
and this sounds even greater!!! It is this kind of "spirit" that we
should have in GNOME Office. Go Martin Go!

>  I see the
> possibilities for code sharing and genuinely innovative features from the
> marriage of our strengths.


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