Re: [gnome-db] Re: GRAND MASTER PLAN

> > A complete database toolkit set that allow the easy rapid application 
> > development of custom db appliations for gnome. Also a collection of 
> > common business applications like accounting, payroll, inventory etc.
> Yes. Although I already have a problem with terminology.  
> "database" is the wrong word, as it implies sql. 

Or at least "relation database" does, but why quibble. :)  

> Its broader than that.  I want two abilities:
> 1) the ability to take data, be it from sql, an xml file, or 
>    something ephemeral that came over a socket, and convert
>    it into a set of C-language objects that can be manipulated
>    and searched and operated on.  (Note that a possible data
>    source is a gtkentry widget...
> 2) the ability to suck data out of the c-language objects, and
>    shove that data back to an sql database, or to an xml file
>    or to a socket, or into a gtk widget (for display) or into
>    an abiword document (for display). 

This sould VERY much like .Net's ADO.  At least to me.

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