Re: [gnome-db] Re: Dynamic data queries

Adam Williams wrote:
The greatness of compititon. I really enjoy having more than one open source projects in fields. though in this case of database application development for gnome we have so many different projects (and thats ignoring the kde market) that it does seem a bit silly with the limited user base, even though its useful for me and linas to steal ideas from each other. And with all these solutions theres no really good solution that can be a good alternative replacement for borland/ms access/vb etc.

As a *user* of these things, on a Linux desktop/workstation for years,
you're correct.  Currently our solution is JDBC;  apps like
DbVisualizer, Eclipse, etc... work great and even blend into the GNOME
desktop.  But it certainly isn't "native".

Personally I want to see gnomedb "win" this race.  It has the most
database support of any project I've seen; and lets not forget is used
by Mono - which will give it a large application base in short order.

I'd say gnue has a larger community base, though i belive gnomedb is superior technically speaking.

We've needed a couple of things and found Mono/Gtk# to be a VERY easy
and rapid way to bang something together.

I'm one of these non-belivers unenlightened kind that continue to use C and refuse to acklodege the exensitence of any other languages.

Of course this is all clouded by the html approach and everyone predicting that web based database applications will be the future mainstayer in this field.

I don't believe anyone who does REAL work with databases believes this
for a minute.

Light data entry web is great. Its when you have people having to sit in front of a computer all day long doing continually data entry that non-web based systems perform. It all comes down to per record entry time. Unforuntly there are a few things in gtk/gnome that can help it, better support for using only the keyboard, better tabbing rules, etc.

gnue - fsf attempt, personally think development cycle to slow and too community focused. suffers from lack of coders that want to get hands dirty. Isn't very flexiable.

I've never even heard of this one,  and I think I've been around the
block a few times.

I use to work on it before starting on bond. they have a lot of finicial and community support. - ms office copy cat approach. I dont see open office team been able to easily create a ms access replacement and i'd prefer them to improve other parts of openoffice.

ODBC and JDBC support in OO is great, it is easy to construct forms,
etc... in OO that work with database connections.  I've even since
windows users pull this off.

oh my these openoffice people are driven. quite a lot of progress since i last checked up on it. though still lacking a lot of the real complex form requirements.

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