Re: [gnome-db] New gnome_db widget

Hi Marius,

I see, this explains why when I was looking in the gtkoptionmenu.c there
was something annoying like :

 #include "gtkoptionmenu.h"

I will see what I can do, in the limits of my competenties ;-)


Le jeu 08/01/2004 à 20:45, Marius Andreiana a écrit :
> Philippe,
> gtk 2.4 has a new dropdown widget, GtkComboBox. It handles both editable
> dropdowns and non-editable dropdowns; in previous versions of GTK+, we
> had two different widgets with different programmer and user interfaces.
> Could you make a widget based on it? I think it replaces both option
> menu and current combo.

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