Re: [gnome-db] libgnomedb usability patch

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Sat, 2003-12-27 at 16:40, Laurent Sansonetti wrote:
Hey guys,

(hope you had a nice xmas)

yeah, nice ones, I hope you too :-)

Sure ;-)  And of course, happy new year!

this should probably also be disabled when you switch to the
providers tab, since currently there is no way to add new providers
from that GUI.

Mmmh I don't agree, since this option does not require the user to
select the data sources tab.

Options which are disabled while switching from one tab to another are
related to a selection on the list (ex: Database/Properties).

Database/New does not need a selection.

Nevertheless I am a bit frustrated with the current UI of
gnome-database-properties. I think that in the future we should revise
the UI in order to remove the notebook.

/* FIXME: move this code in gnome_db_window_new () */

why do you want to move it? Note that I'm not against it, just
curious :-)

Because the bonobo code which links the verbs callbacks is in
gnome_db_window_new, since the verbs list are passed as a parameter.

So I think that it should be the same for listeners.

While coding the patch I considered creating a list of callbacks for the
listeners, and pass it to gnome_db_window_new like we do for the verbs.

But I was lazy, and I was my first experience with bonobo, so... ;-)

apart from that it looks perfect, both codewise and when running! So please, add the huge ChangeLog entry and commit :-)

Thank you very much ;-)


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