[gnome-db] When 1.2 version will be ready?

I'm working in a GnomeDbFieldDataEditor widget: it's a
widget to show data from a GdaDataModel; you'll see a
type of widget acording with the type of data you are

- GtkEntry to text and date (at the moment),
- Tree GtkEntry to a Geometric points,
- a Save/Load Bottons for Blobs (and then to show if
is an image)...

The point is to create a GnomeDbForm that can update
the data in the widgets (showing automaticaly the
widgets you have acording with the GdaDataModel you
are using).

It's not too complicated widget and you don't need
anything than a GdaDataModel, you can use this widgets
in an application to show or interact with a diferent
data sources an DataModels.

I'll send my .c file to the list to have a help and coments...

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