[gnome-db] What about GTK+ 2.4

Some time ago a send a patch for the GnomeDbCombo to
use the GTK+ 2.4 library GtkComboBoxEntry, more
flexible and powerfull from the old GtkCombo (< 2.0),
but I need to change to have a solution (with #ifdef)
to use the 2.4 only when avairable... OK (I can't find
this changes, and I haven't access to the CVS behind
the proxy in my company to get a fresh copy and
produce the diff file).

The cuestion is: Why don't to migrate to 2.4?

Yesterday was realesed the 2.6 version, I see a great
oportunity, becouse now you can have a combobox inside
the GtkTreeView, then you can create a very powerfull
applications that edit fiels using external references
from other table ('select one of the options'). This
version y API/ABI compatible with 2.4, then why don't
use it! (Create a powerfull GnomeDbGrid with edition

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