Re: [gnome-db] When 1.2 version will be ready?

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 18:15:27 -0600 (CST), Daniel Espinosa
<esodan yahoo com mx> wrote:
> I'm working in a GnomeDbFieldDataEditor widget: it's a
> widget to show data from a GdaDataModel; you'll see a
> type of widget acording with the type of data you are
> showing:
> - GtkEntry to text and date (at the moment),
> - Tree GtkEntry to a Geometric points,
> - a Save/Load Bottons for Blobs (and then to show if
> is an image)...
> The point is to create a GnomeDbForm that can update
> the data in the widgets (showing automaticaly the
> widgets you have acording with the GdaDataModel you
> are using).
> It's not too complicated widget and you don't need
> anything than a GdaDataModel, you can use this widgets
> in an application to show or interact with a diferent
> data sources an DataModels.
> I'll send my .c file to the list to have a help and coments...

I'm currently merging the libmergeant library into libgnomedb and
there is also a such a widget,  (it works from the data types of the
fields in the data model) and each data entry widget is configurable
through the usage of plugins. Also each data entry can either be free
fill or it can be made mandatory to choose from a defined list of
possible values.

As a matter of fact the GnomeDbForm and the GnomeDbGrid objects will
be able to work on the same data at the same time (thanks MCV design).

So please don't put too much work into this as the code I have already
exists and I plan to make it available after libgnomedb 1.2 is out.



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