Re: [gnome-db] Minor API change and MySQL [update/delete]_row

> > These functions are used only by providers.  Separating these from
> > functions that end users use can help cut libgda learning curve,
> > reduce the chance users mess up the system, and tidy up the
> > documentation.
> > 
> well, they are used by anything that might change a data model, so they
> have to stay in the main .h file.

If anything changes a datamodel...

  - through gda_data_model_*(), it doesn't have to (and shouldn't)
    emit "row-inserted" signals, set command text/row number/id,
    etc.,.  That's the provider's job.

  - not through gda_data_model*(), that 'anything' is a provider.

These functions are still public to end users, I just hope they are in
a separate header files (and doc sections) so end users who don't use
them (most of them) don't have to care about these functions.

> >    2) shift rows up -- this might cause some complications.
> > 
> well, the model will have to return the number of rows/columns it's got,
> so that has to be the reality. So I guess yes, we should just remove the
> row and notify, via gda_data_model_row_removed, the listeners.

Roger :-).

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